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Many businesses out there struggle to retain customers or to even get them to make return purchases. Also, a site that has traffic does not always guarantee high conversion rates. Retaily can help to change that.

Tired of LOW Conversion Rate?

While there could be many factors why visitors aren’t buying from sites, businesses these days are fully aware that they need to reach every single visitor that lands on their site.

Otherwise, it would be a total waste if these visitors slip away unnoticed.

Targeted Push Notifications

Retaily aims to change that by empowering online businesses to reach out to every single one of these visitors the moment they arrive at their site.

By harnessing the power of push notifications, Retaily not only help business owners to easily reach their visitors, they’ll also be able to know what their visitors are interested in.

So you won’t be blindly sending out push notifications which will end up annoying your visitors.

You’ll want to send out personalized targeted messages which will help to close the deal with your visitors.

The difference between push notifications and emails are huge.

Reach Across All Devices

These days, most people tend to ignore emails as many are considered spam. But with push notifications, it’s easier to get a user’s attention as they can appear across all platforms be it desktop, mobiles and tablets while being in use.

Get The Best Results

It’s an attention grabber and if done right, has the ability to convince users to take the right action. Clicking on any of these push notifications will take them straight to the site to complete the desired action.

So by knowing what your customers want and showing them a personalized offer, the chances are way much higher to get them to convert.

With Retaily, you’ll be able to send out personalized push notifications to your targeted customer segments. This ensures that the right customer gets the right message at the right time.

And the good news is that business owners can experience the power of Retaily completely FREE at https://retai.ly

Check out this short video to know more about what Retaily does :

Retaily Drive Traffic To Your Funnel

Retaily Drive Traffic To Your Funnel

Every business needs traffic. Whether you’re a brick and mortar store or an online business, you need traffic. Period. The higher the traffic, the more chances of higher conversion rates.

There’s quite a number of ways to get this done and it’s not a one size fits all recipe. This will depend on what type of business that you’re running and what type of product you wish to promote.

Retaily aims to help businesses reach current and lost customers with its smart dynamic retargeting solution. But this can only happen if there’s traffic going to your site.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Funnel? 

No matter what product you’re selling, you need to do some research to find out where your potential customers hang out. The Pillar 1 image gives a wide range of options that any business can use to drive traffic to their funnel.

Make Use Of Social Media

Social Media

No matter what you’re selling, you definitely need to make use of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter to get the word out and discover what people are interested in pertaining to your industry.

Keep Your Customers In The Loop

You’d also send out newsletters to all your customers informing them of the latest trend and update your own blog to give some valuable tips and advice related to your product. Throw in some recommendations to add value and knowledge to your audience.

Encourage Your Customers To Promote You


Offer your customers gift certificates or promo codes to share with their family and friends. That will generate some buzz to lead visitors to your site. People like getting a discount and when they register at your site to make the purchase, you’d be able to capture their email address to reach them.

Run A Retargeting Campaign

If you’ve got tonnes of traffic already coming to your site, make sure you have a dynamic retargeting campaign working in the background so that you don’t loose all those visitors. Retaily can help by showing the right ads to those visitors even after they leave your site to encourage them to complete the purchase.

Targeted Magazine Advertisements 


You may need to advertise your products in specific magazines if that is your niche market. For instance, if you’re selling fishing rods, there’s a higher chance of you reaching professional anglers by advertising in fishing magazines. You get the idea.

Attend Trade Shows And Conferences

This is a good place to promote your product physically to a physical targeted audience. If your product is revolutionary, you could invite visitors to try it out in the form of free samples or watch you demo at the venue. This will also give you a chance to answer any questions there in order to close the deal.

It’s also important to have some strategic partnerships with other businesses that will complement your customer base.

Develop Your Brand


To develop your brand and business, make sure you have a company page on LinkedIn and work on creating content to let people know more about your business. Your content could be in the form of tips, advice and guides that will add value to your target audience.

Different target audience requires different ways of reaching them. One thing’s for sure, every business needs traffic and this list will give them an overall view of the different ways to drive traffic to your funnel.

If you need help with retargeting for your site, check out http://retai.ly and drop us an email at questions@retai.ly

Retargeting Helps Shoppers Complete Their Purchase

Surprise Gift

According to the latest report by eMarketer, 3 out of 5 American digital shoppers say that online digital ads are well targeted to their interest. This is good news as it shows that retargeting is helping more businesses close sales which would otherwise have been lost.

With the shopping season is in full swing and Thanksgiving is just a few days away, you would think that many small and medium sized online businesses would have ramped up their remarketing efforts in anticipation for the long weekend of online shopping that’s going to blow everyone away. It’s still not too late to do so!

US Digital Shoppers Digital Ads Demographic

While it’s no surprise that many shoppers will be doing comparison shopping before making the purchase, there’s still room for digital ads to remind them of the products that they are interested in, which by then would have a further mark down in prices if not free shipping thrown in.

US Digital Shoppers Demographic

So it’s basically a win-win situation for both shoppers and sellers alike as they aim to close as many sales as possible in this last quarter of the year. Sellers get to offer their products in bundles, with discount and free shipping while buyers get the best bang for their buck as they shop for gifts for their loved ones (or for themselves!).

One thing is for sure, retargeting is here to stay as it helps shoppers complete their purchase while making sure that businesses do not continue bleeding customers.

On a lighter note, can’t wait to catch the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens this Christmas as anticipating it well be another blockbuster looking at the rate that tickets are being snapped up in advance ticket sales! Here’s the latest trailer in case you missed it :

Retaily Holiday Shopping Retargeting Tips For Sellers

Gift Cards

We’re in the last quarter of the year heading towards the holiday shopping season (yay!). Online sellers have been making all the necessary changes to their store (I hope), in preparation for the upcoming Halloween and Thanksgiving weekend next month.

Is Your Store Ready For The Shopping Season?

If you haven’t done anything yet due to busy work schedules, you still have time to get your store in shape in anticipation of the traffic that will be coming your way as the holiday season approaches.

Bear in mind that if your store is already getting a considerable amount of traffic right now, thinking through your remarketing strategy to offer different combination of products as gift items will help.

Holiday Shopping Retargeting Tips

Shoppers are constantly looking for the best bang for their buck. So don’t be surprised that other online stores have started their holiday shopping retargeting strategy early to reach their customers. Here are a few holiday shopping retargeting tips, promotions and suggestions that you could consider offering as part of your retargeting strategy :

* Buy 1 Free 1
* Get a gift set with every purchase of {product | $}
* Offer gift set @ {irresistible value}
* Free shipping for {best seller | above certain $}
* Free gift + free shipping for orders above $
* Get X% off on 2nd purchase
* A gift for someone special
* Go ahead, gift yourself, you deserve it
* Buy Now Or Cry Later

Rule of thumb is that if you can offer something that others can’t and that the offer is irresistible and appealing, chances of you closing the deal are higher. And if you think that the holiday shopping season only starts around Thanksgiving weekend, you’ll be surprised that shoppers start shopping before Halloween! Right now, the holiday shopping season stretches the entire month of November and December.

Promote Your Best And Top Sellers

And since it’s the holiday season, it’s also a good time to promote some of your store’s best sellers, latest products, best offers. Bundling them as a gift set or allowing your customers the freedom to custom bundle a gift set of their choice would be of tremendous help.

Obviously you don’t want to keep showing the same ad over and over again to customers who have visited your site. So it’s important to have some variety and spread out the frequency of those ads. Retaily can help as it allows you to customize the type of offers and promotions that you want to show up in ads to your customers.

Make Your Store’s Checkout Smooth

Other than that, please make sure that your online store’s checkout process is smooth as you don’t want all that holiday shopping season retargeting strategy and effort to go to waste. If your store’s checkout process currently has multiple pages for buyers to fill up, that may not be ideal especially if they’re shopping from a mobile (which by the way, more and more folks are using their mobile to shop these days).

Here’s a one page checkout that you can consider which is being offered by InstanteStore to help their merchants close the sale faster and smoother :

Retaily OpenCart Extension Is Now Available


Good news for OpenCart merchants. Retaily is now integrated with OpenCart offering the opportunity for OpenCart merchants to reach their lost visitors and increase their sales.

With OpenCart being one of the most widely used open source shopping cart software in the market, sellers can tap into the power of Retaily to help boost their online sales.

The Retaily OpenCart extension is available for all OpenCart merchants to use.

Retaily OpenCart Extension

OpenCart merchants can access the Retaily OpenCart extension or contact Retaily at questions@retai.ly for more information.

Merchants who wish to find out more about how Retaily works can check out our site at http://retai.ly/

Retaily Can Help Reach Your Target Market


Being an online seller does have its challenges. So does any other job out there unless you’re paid to take vacations! Some of the main challenges that sellers face is to reach the right type of customer. So in essence, getting traffic is not enough. You need to get the RIGHT type of traffic. Because there could be a tonne of visitors coming to your store and the bulk of them may end up leaving without making a single purchase.

Retaily can help you reach your target market. Well, now how is this going to work? Online stores that have a lot of traffic usually have no way of finding out what those visitors were looking for at their site unless they engage the services of a remarketing provider. Well, now that would have solved it right? Not exactly.

Generic remarketing providers will usually show ads of the product or company brand to visitors who have visited their clients’ site. Retaily takes it a step further by analyzing the visitors’ intention to see what they were interested in based on the time spend looking at specific products. If visitors did add any product to the shopping cart but left without completing the purchase, Retaily is smart enough to offer that particular visitor an offer for that specific product based on what the merchant sets. So it could be an offer for free shipping or a specific percentage off the specific product price.

Retaily makes retargeting smarter as you don’t want to simply blast out offers and free shipping to people out there who may not even be interested in buying your products. You want to target your customer market specifically because you know that they are the ones looking for your product and they are also the ones who know about your company and website.

Take McDonalds as an example. They recently introduced a bicycle friendly packaging called the McBike to cater to the needs of cyclists who are their customers. Launched in Copenhagen, Denmark where there’s plenty of cyclist, it has proven to be quite a success. It’s about knowing what your target market is looking for and then offering them a better incentive to buy your product. Check out the short video below to see what I mean about the McBike :

So the question is, what is your target market looking for? What type of incentive will help encourage them to buy more from you? Is it free shipping? Or further discounts? Could it be that there is a BIGGER target market of consumers who have yet to discover your amazing product?

In order for you to reach out effectively to them, you will need plenty of data and information to make the necessary changes and offer the right kind of promotions. Retaily can help as we offer smart dynamic retargeting service to online sellers. You can reach us at http://retai.ly/

Retaily Remarketing Run Down

Retaily Remarketing Infographic

Online sellers know that visitors are leaving their site. Many have tried to reach these visitors by using retargeting service providers. While many of the retargeting service providers could show ads of products to these visitors, those who decide to have a go at Retaily remarketing will notice the difference. Instead of the online seller providing the ads to the retargeting provider, Retaily is smart enough to create the personalized ads based on the website products for sellers.

Retaily is able to target mobile apps other than desktop and is able to advise online sellers on how their ad spent is being utilized.

So in a nutshell, rather than visitors keep leaving your site, why not allow Retaily to track and monitor your visitors in order to serve them personalized ads on products that they are interested in?

Those personalized ads will need to show offers that are good enough to encourage your visitors to complete the purchase process based on the visitor data that was crunched from your online store.

While other service providers may just show your ads as a form of branding or actual price as on the website, Retaily gives the option for sellers to specify the offer price to show to selected visitors based on the products that they were interested in. This makes better sense as the goal is to encourage buyers to click on the ad and complete the purchase back at the store with a deal that buyer and seller deem fair.

While remarketing and retargeting is not new, making the best use of data and giving buyers what they’re looking for will definitely help increase sales for sellers. For more info, please check out http://retai.ly/

Retaily – Small Businesses Are Turning To Smart Marketing Automation

Old Fashioned British Sweets From Your Childhood

Businesses Need To Revamp Their Marketing Strategies

As mobile users continue to increase, many small businesses are realizing that they can no longer do marketing the old fashion way. Many are now turning to marketing automation as a way to reach the many mobile users out there.

The reason for the change is because many online businesses are not satisfied with the results that they’ve been getting from their manual ways of doing marketing. These businesses see the need for better features as their old email marketing software may no longer be relevant in reaching mobile consumers.

Catching Up With New Technology And Mobile

Not only do they have to deal with the wave of new technology that is now more app-based, the age group of consumers and the way they respond to online shopping has also changed. As more and more consumers use mobile to do online shopping and browsing, businesses realized that they have to be more nimble and stay abreast with the current shopping trends.

Consumers are using their mobiles to shop online more. Emails are flicked through quickly while one is commuting from home to work or vice versa. No one wants to waste time reading long-winded emails any more. Images capture the attention faster and it’s not surprising that they have to be that way. Mobile users will only spare a few seconds of their time so the ads or offers had better grab their attention.

Retaily foresee that as mobile ads continue to rise, many businesses will turn to dynamic retargeting to be able to reach visitors who have shown interest at their products or services when browsing. And businesses want smart marketing automation.

Know Your Customers’ Preference

In order for that to happen, businesses need to take the initiative to know their customers’ preference. Like who wants to keep getting emails every day from the same company about products that they are totally not interested in? Call it email fatigue. I mean, look at your own inbox and chances are, the bulk of your emails are mostly not relevant to you at all. Most will end up in the spam folder (if that’s not already full with hundreds of spam per day!).

Smart Marketing Automation

When we talk about smart marketing automation, it’s not only dynamic retargeting. It’s also about knowing what your previous customers were buying from you along with their spending habits. All these will make your marketing efforts more productive as businesses make it a point to take an interest in their customers’ preferences and to act accordingly to it instead of blasting out generic emails or offers. Find out what Retaily can do to help your online business grow further by going to http://retai.ly/

Talk about knowing what your customers would like. Check out this short video on Spotify’s Taste Rewind where the company claims to know what kind of music you would like in the 60’s or 70’s before you were even born based on your current music preference.

Retaily Helps Increase Sales By Converting Lost Prospects


Many Lost Opportunities

Online sellers know that consumers these days prefer to make purchases quickly. If they land on your site and spent some time looking at your products, it basically tells you that they were interested in what your site has to offer. But many leave without buying anything for various reasons. Some may have added your products to the cart but did not complete the checkout process.

Without the visitor registering their details at your site, businesses will have no way of reaching them to offer a special discount for the product that they were interested in. Unless the visitor contacted them or left their email address behind. Many online sites that have lots of traffic realized that those were lost prospects and opportunities who just needed a good offer to encourage them to complete the purchase.

Retaily Retarget Lost Prospects

That’s where Retaily comes in. Sites that have a reasonable amount of traffic can now use Retaily to help increase their sales. What Retaily does is to analyze the heat signal of each visitor to see where they land on your site and what products they were interested in. It will also note down the products that were added to the cart (but not purchased) and craft out a good offer to display to the same visitor.

Online sellers will be able to specify the type of offer or discount for their products which are not available on their site that Retaily will use to retarget these lost prospects. These offers will be shown in the form of dynamic retargeted ads to the visitor as they browse other popular sites. All this will be done automatically.

Time Frame Factor

Retaily will show these dynamic targeted ads to only visitors who have shown interest in the merchant’s products. That way, merchants will know that their marketing budget is wisely optimized. This is a better option compared to conventional advertisement where one does not even know whether the customer is even interested to purchase the product or not.

These dynamic ads will have a time frame factor. That means they will only be shown at specific times and also with reasonable frequency to the targeted visitor. The software will take into account the best time to offer the ads depending on the visitor’s geographical location and the site’s best shopping time.

Online sellers who are interested to try out Retaily, please go to http://retai.ly/

Retaily To Help Online Stores Reach Lost Visitors To Increase Revenue

Retaily Launch

ASEAN SME Showcase & Conference 2015

A big thank you to Mr Mohd Razaleigh bin Zainal (VP, Corporate Communications and Marketing) and Ms Wee Huay Neo (Director, SME) from the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) for officiating the launch of Retaily at the recent ASEAN SME Showcase & Conference 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last week.

The ASEAN SME  was Asean’s first small and medium enterprise showcase and conference which saw a total of 1,567 participants from 324 local companies, ministries and agencies as well as 62 international companies and bodies taking part in the event.

Participants from South East Asia saw a range of businesses from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia showcasing some of their best products and services. Other participants came from South Korea, Japan, The United States of America, United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

The 3 day event was officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and was attended by the various participating countries’ ministers.

About Retaily

Retaily Main Page

The Retaily team worked hard to create a retargeting service that aims to help small and medium sized businesses reach out to online visitors to their store. Hence it was no coincidence that the launch of Retai.ly was held at the ASEAN SME Showcase & Conference 2015.

Based on statistics, 99 out of 100 visitors leave a site without buying anything. Retaily can change that by showing the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time.

Online businesses know that getting just an additional sale would mean DOUBLING up their sales revenue!

So instead of advertising to customers who may not even know about your business, wouldn’t you rather target visitors who have visited your site and who have shown interest in your products or services? Because once they leave your site, they are lost forever.

Retaily is able to analyze your visitors’ browsing behavior and gives each a heat value. The best compelling message is then crafted and tailored to each visitor. The idea is to process the heat value of each visitor to find out their intent in order to show the right kind of ad to them specifically. All this to help merchants close the deal with their customers who have shown interest in the products that they are selling.

Currently Retai.ly is integrated with major shopping carts like Shopify and InstanteStore. Setting it up just takes a few simple clicks.

From now until 31st July 2015, merchants who are using Shopify or InstanteStore can use Retaily for FREE via http://retai.ly/. To reach Retaily, please email us at questions@retai.ly

Top Retargeting Strategy Involves Site and Product Modification

Volvo XC90 Excellence Lounge Concept

Many companies think that they can just rely on retargeting services to reach site visitors in the hopes of increasing their sales conversion. While retargeting will certainly help – this is provided your site is getting enough volume traffic on a daily basis and that that the retargeting strategy is suited for your type of industry. Retargeting will not work for all industries. Hence the top retargeting strategy must encompass your entire site experience along with the products and services that you offer.

Take A Step Back

Businesses are encouraged to take a step back to see whether their own site and products are in need of modification and improvements. As products and services are constantly being improved, many businesses that did not respond to change fast enough risk being left behind.

Make Time To Evaluate

Are you making the time to look at your own products and services – whether they still remain relevant to the current market demand. Or do you need to make some serious changes?

Check, Compare And Change

Depending on the type of products or service that you offer, you will need to check and make comparison in terms of pricing, affordability, practicality and see which direction the market is going. Some may prefer to chart their own course while other businesses are analyzing their own site and products while bench marking with their competitors’. It’s imperative to make the changes quickly as the consumer market is changes rapidly.

Some of the top remarketing and retargeting providers out there may just be showing generic ads to customers. Retaily aims to change that by offering a more purposeful dynamic retargeting service which is currently available for merchants using Shopify and InstanteStore.

Be More Versatile 

By knowing what your customers are looking for and how they want their products to be, you can then make the necessary changes to what you’re currently offering. This will need to reflect in your website look and product range. Offering products that will capture the consumer market requires innovation as well as insight into consumer behavior. Your business can either grow further or shrink faster depending on how versatile you are in making the necessary decision and changes.

Choose Your Customer Base Wisely

You can’t win them all. So you will need to choose your customer base wisely. If your site is getting a lot of traffic, please make sure that it’s able to load fast and is mobile friendly while ensuring the online shopping experience is quick and easy. Targeting more premium customers? Make sure your site reflects a sense of elegance, luxury and that it looks and works well across all devices.

The folks at Volvo certainly made the necessary changes to their Volvo SUV XC90 to cater to the growing demand for luxury vehicles in China. They basically had the front passenger seat removed, did away with the 3rd row in the car (which made it more spacious) and added in a luxurious storage, ottoman, work table, television area turning it into a first class seat. Did I mention that the cup holder is also temperature controlled? Needless to say, the Chinese were very interested and I won’t be surprised that it’ll get snapped up since having a chauffeur in China is quite common. Check out the short video below :

Mobile Friendly Emails Are Crucial

With so many people now preferring to access their emails via their mobiles instead of using desktops or laptops, businesses need to make sure that emails sent out are mobile friendly. Since mobile screens are smaller and people tend to be more impatient, you would want to ensure that your message gets read and understood in the shortest time possible. What do I mean by mobile friendly emails?

Mobile Emails

Straight To The Point Titles

If you’re offering a discount or free shipping, please state it clearly as concise as possible in the title. Try looking at your emails from your mobile device. You’ll notice that the email title can only show around 5 to 6 words. If your title is anything longer, it will be truncated or not shown unless the viewer chooses to view the email in landscape view. Most of the time, people read their emails in portrait mode.

Keep The Content Short 

Limit your email content to only a few sentences with easy to read fonts. If the font is too small, it gets too annoying to read as one has to pinch and squint at the mobile screen. Make sure the spaces between each sentence and each word is formatted properly for easy reading. If possible, try to convey your email message in a few sentences.

Optimize Your Images

If you’re going to include any image(s) in your email, please make sure that they are optimized for mobile viewing. If the image is too big and heavy, it will take too long to load on a mobile device (not to mention it eats away at your mobile data plan). You want the email to load fast when it’s opened on a mobile.

Personalized Contact Details

People who are interested to reply your emails will want to reach someone at a personal level. You may want to tweak your email signature with your name, designation and contact details clearly for customers to reach you easily.

Realistic Frequency 

You don’t want to keep emailing consumers every day. They’ll just treat it as spam. Once a week or fortnightly would be realistic.

So the take away is that your emails need to cater to consumers who are now accessing their emails via their mobile devices. It needs to capture their attention long enough for them to read through quickly with a good CTA (Call To Action).

Emails needs to be short, sweet, straight to the point with images that are light for faster loading. With so many emails landing in one’s inbox daily, you don’t want your emails to be tagged as spam either. You want to stand a chance to keep in touch with consumers in order to pitch to them and not put them off.

Dynamic Retargeting Compared to Basic Retargeting Ad Services

Many businesses are now turning to retargeting ads service providers to help bring back sales from customers who had previously visited their website. However, one needs to know the difference between basic retargeting ads as compared to personalized or dynamic retargeting ads.

The basic ones will usually show a generic ad offering a simple discount for first time shoppers.

Basic Retargeting Ad

The purpose of offering dynamic retargeting is to remind the consumer of the actual product(s) that they had recently viewed but had not purchased from the website.

Now before you start moaning and groaning thinking that your product ads will spam the living daylights out of your customers’ browsers, know that your retargeting provider would have advised you to tweak your ad display frequency to be more realistic.

Have A Realistic Time Span

Because some customers may not want to purchase your products straight away. So there could be a lapse time of a few weeks or months before you want to jog their memory. The system needs to be smart enough to know whether the customer has already purchased the product from your store or not during that time frame.

Target New And Returning Customers

There also needs to be a clear distinction between customers who have made a purchase from your store compared to those who have not made any purchase at all but have only visited your site.

For instance, you may want to offer a general discount for those who have previously bought from your store to encourage them to visit again to purchase other items. Those that have not made any purchase would be shown the dynamic retargeting ads based on what they had viewed from your store.

And if they had actually reached the checkout page without completing the order, your dynamic retargeting ad may even throw in free shipping or a special discount just for that product that they left in the checkout cart.

With Retaily, you don’t have to worry about all this work as the software will take care of this for you.

Cross Device Retargeting

With mobile ads on the rise these days, it will come as no surprise that retargeting will be done across devices as consumers tend to switch from desktop to tablets and mobile phones. The end result is to try to encourage them to complete the sale order on any of the devices.

This way of doing marketing will increase as more consumers use their mobiles to browse and shop online. And with mobile penetration being higher compared to desktop penetration, retargeting needs to be more fluid and dynamic making it easier and faster to remind consumers of their product interest and to help them make the purchase.

Retargeting Campaign – Know What Consumers Really Want

Holidays & Seasons

What makes our whole year so interesting and fun is the fact that the season keeps changing (Yay! Spring is here!) not to mention that we have a whole long list of holidays, celebrations and wonderful occasions to enjoy. Businesses who are planning their retargeting campaign need to take these holiday weekends and seasons into consideration.

As different countries observe different public holidays, there’s bound to be some general holidays that everyone will observe (Hint : Labor Day is on the 1st of May but for USA, it falls on the first Monday of September). Long weekend = more time for holiday shopping / vacation!

What Are Consumers Looking For? 

While you may want to offer either a good discount off your store’s products or throw in free shipping or free gifts for customers who didn’t close the sale after visiting your site, you may want to take a step back and think through on what consumers were actually looking for when they visited your site.

Was it to do price comparison? Or were they were looking for a very specific product? That will depend on which page they landed in first. Your retargeting provider should be able to let you know your customer’s trail (from the first page that they landed on to the products that they were looking at and where the trail stops – did they leave at the product page, checkout page, etc).

You will need to consider all these factors to offer those customers a deal that majority won’t be able to say ‘no’ to. Perhaps a different offer price leading to the holiday weekend? Would you plan to give the final sale offer on the holiday itself?

A Game Of Hide & Seek

That’s why it’s important to know what consumers are looking for and what they actually want when you plan out your retargeting campaign along with the duration of the campaign. It’s like a game of hide and seek when it comes to figuring out what your visitors were looking for and what they actually wanted to buy from you. Was the product out of stock??

You also don’t want your retargeting campaign to run too long sounding like a broken record. Neither do you want to offer it forever. Have a realistic timeline in place based on seasons and specific holiday occasions.

Ride The Holiday Wave

At the end of the day, you want to make money but you also want to offer your customers a good shopping experience that they can remember as being pleasant, value for money and worth recommending to their other friends. The holiday seasons are just the tip of the iceberg.

You could consider Retaily which is currently free for merchants who are using Shopify and InstanteStore and see the difference of using a dynamic retargeting service provider who knows what you need for your business.

And since it’s Good Friday and Easter Sunday, guess what businesses are offering to capture the different market segments this weekend? Check out this short clip by Marks & Spencer :